Milwaukee Family Portrait

Christina + Tuan + Kids: The One With The Snow Covered Park

Family portrait sessions are one of our favorite assignments. This one couldn’t come at a more perfect time, the lull between our last wedding and the upcoming wedding season.

Christina emailed me sometime in January to set up the shoot for late February. We were hoping for warmer weather by that time. The day turned out to be considerably  warm for the season but snow was still on the ground, it was the perfect day to embrace snow and winter…. without the cold.

We started the day by driving to Christina and Tuan’s beautiful home in Franklin, WI where we were greeted warmly by the family including their adorable children, Ethan and Caitlyn. We started our shoot inside their beautiful living room where the lighting was perfect and then we proceeded to a nearby park… a snow covered park. Christina, Tuan, and kids were up for anything! We explored every corner of the park, went to the woods, trenches, and through something that could possibly be a marsh during the summer. From the park, we then headed back to their home where we took some shots in their backyard, and yes it was also covered in snow. Our last stop was for the individual portraits of the children in their own rooms. Caitlyn’s room had a princess theme to it. It’s like stepping into a Disney fairy tale. Ethan, on the other hand, had Angry Birds from wall to wall. I have never seen anything like it. It’s pretty awesome.

One of the many perks of being a photographer is you get to meet awesome people like Christina and her family. To Christina, Tuan, Ethan, and Caitlyn….. thank you for this experience, albeit brief, we truly enjoyed it.



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